There is a better way.

Litigation is an ugly process.  It’s expensive, time-consuming and stressful.  As an attorney in family law practice for many years, I’ve seen firsthand the devastation left behind by bitter divorce and custody battles.  Parents and children struggle with lingering resentments and after paying extensive legal bills and expert fees, they have fewer resources left to take care of the things that really matter: like their kids’ college tuition and their own retirement.

Sensible people have better things to do with their time and money.  Mediation provides an alternative way to approach your divorce or child custody dispute.

How does the process work?

Both sides meet with the mediator to discuss their issues and concerns.  The process is informal and confidential.  The mediator is a neutral facilitator of the negotiation process between the parties, providing ideas and information to help the parties reach a fair compromise.  If the parties reach an agreement, the mediator can help the parties prepare the documents they need to file with the Court, so they can get through their legal case quickly and move on with their lives.

The mediation process works so well, El Paso County District Court requires parties to attempt mediation before their case will be scheduled for a hearing.

The benefits of divorce and child custody mediation include:

  • Individuals are more likely to comply with a voluntary agreement than with a court order imposed against their wishes.
  • Couples who mediate are significantly more likely to be satisfied with the experience of their divorce than couples that complete an adversarial court process.
  • Mediated agreements are generally more comprehensive and can be tailored to the needs of a specific family.
  • Mediated cases finish 30-40% sooner than litigated cases.
  • Whether you reach an agreement or not, you will have fulfilled the mediation requirement and have a better sense of what the issues are.
  • Even a partial settlement can save you significant money and promote greater cooperation through the rest of the case.

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Document Preparation

  • FairPoint Mediation can prepare a detailed parenting plan, separation agreement, child support worksheet and asset/debt spreadsheet that documents the terms you agreed to in mediation. We strongly recommend clearly written documentation of your agreements to avoid costly litigation later on.